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Your Admin Just Quit — Now What?

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Your Admin Just Quit — Now What?

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“I quit.” Two simple words that strike fear into the heart of any home service professional. Indeed, whether it’s due to unexpected resignation, retirement, or simply moving on to new opportunities, the departure of a key administrative team member can leave a void in your business. However, with the support of Annie Admin, you can successfully navigate through this transition and emerge stronger than ever before. Read on to find out how!

Assess the Damage

Just as you would inspect a hail-struck roof for cracks or a faulty HVAC system for leaks, your first step should be to assess the impact of your admin leaving. Identify the tasks and responsibilities they were handling and sleuth out any gaps that need to be filled. If they were anything like the virtual assistants at Annie Admin, you’ll be surprised by how many vital aspects of your business they were capable of managing!

Come Up With Solutions

Once you have uncovered the areas that need to be addressed, brainstorm potential solutions for each. Consider whether the tasks can be redistributed among existing team members or even outsourced to virtual assistants. If you opt for the latter, you may be able to save significantly on employment costs while experiencing an impressive uptick in the scope and quality of your services.

Contact the Experts

When it comes to finding long-term administrative support, partnering with the experts at Annie Admin can provide you with access to a pool of highly skilled administrative assistants. Our “Annies” may be virtual, but they’re also local; this means we understand the location-specific needs of your growing home service business. Plus, we make persistent efforts to ensure low turnover of our virtual admins, meaning you’ll never get stuck without administrative help again.

Become Better Than Ever

Rather than viewing the departure of your admin as a setback, seize the opportunity to make your administrative processes more streamlined and efficient than ever. With Annie Admin at your side, you and your clients will be able to benefit from our virtual scheduling services, lead nurturing solutions, and outstanding customer support. This makes it a win-win-win for everyone involved!

If you own a home service business and your admin just walked out on you, don’t get sad, angry, or frustrated. Channel those emotions into a pro-motion for your business and upgrade your admin services with Annie Admin!

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