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Understanding Google LSAs: How Annie Admin Can Help

By June 19, 2023 August 8th, 2023 No Comments

Understanding Google LSAs: How Annie Admin Can Help

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If you’re in the home service industry, you know how crucial it is to increase your brand visibility and spread your message to the masses. There are several ways to do this, from something as complex as building an organic SEO campaign to something as simple as putting up a billboard. However, one of the most effective ways to promote your business and generate leads is with Google Local Services Ads, or Google LSAs.

Now you’re probably thinking, “That sounds great! So what’s the catch?” Well, Google LSAs can be notoriously difficult to set up and manage, despite their effectiveness. Most plumbers, roofers, contractors, and other home service professionals simply don’t have the time or expertise to oversee these ads and produce the best results — that’s where we come in.

At Annie Admin, we’re passionate about providing home service pros with the administrative support and solutions they need to make their business boom. This includes helping you navigate the nuances of Google LSAs, which is why today’s article is going to cover everything you need to know about this essential marketing tool. You’ll discover what LSAs are, how they work, and how the virtual assistants at Annie Admin can help you maximize your results. Read more below, then contact us to get started!

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What Are Google Local Services Ads?

As opposed to pay-per-click ads or other digital marketing campaigns, Google LSAs are an impactful and cost-effective advertising option for small or medium businesses with local customer bases. In fact, Google first introduced LSAs specifically for the home services industry, and they continue to be an important part of connecting these companies with potential leads.

LSAs are unique in the sense that they display a business’s name, hours of operation, reviews, and ratings in the search results, making it easier for local customers to find and hire the best home service providers. And unlike traditional ads, LSAs are billed on a per-lead basis, which can save you money since you’re not spending anything on clicks that don’t convert.

Factors That Affect Your Ads Performance

While Google LSAs are an excellent way for home service professionals to boost their local search engine rankings, several factors determine their performance. These factors include:

  • Business Profile — LSAs require businesses to create a profile that includes essential details such as hours of operation and service areas. Optimizing this profile with accurate and relevant information can improve your ad’s visibility and increase the likelihood of generating leads.
  • Reviews and Ratings — Your customers’ perception of your business is everything when it comes to LSA performance. Positive reviews and high ratings can help your LSA rank higher, while complaints can have the opposite effect.
  • Proper Categorization — Choosing the right category and services can significantly impact the performance of your LSA. It’s important to make sure you’re reaching audiences who are actually searching for the home services you offer.
  • Budget — Higher bidding costs usually translate into higher visibility. Fortunately, LSAs benefit from the fact that they’re inherently local, so you typically won’t have to bid on extremely competitive keywords.
  • Google Guaranteed and Google Screened Badges — These verifiers tell potential clients that your business is legitimate and reputable, helping drive leads.

All of these aspects can influence the results you see from your Google LSAs, so it’s a good idea to make sure none are neglected. However, there’s one more factor we haven’t touched on, and it’s perhaps the most important of all: phone responsiveness.

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The Importance of Phone Responsiveness

Indeed, how quickly and consistently you respond to calls can make or break your Google LSA performance. LSAs use a unique call-tracking number that directs customers to your business’s normal phone number — this allows Google to find out how good you are at responding. The faster and more frequently you respond, the higher you will rank among LSAs (and the more likely you’ll be able to convert leads into paying customers). Conversely, poor responsiveness will cause your lead generation and conversion rates to plummet.

So how can you make sure your business’s phone responsiveness is at its peak? Sure, you could sit by the phone all day and sacrifice your ability to do anything else. Or, you could enlist the help of Annie Admin, where helping home service businesses grow and succeed is all we do.

From call answering and customer support to lead nurturing and follow-ups, we make sure that anyone calling your business is greeted by a timely, professional, and welcoming response. No call will go unanswered when you work with us, because we know that every blinking light on the answering machine is a missed opportunity. With our help, you can watch the calls roll in and transform into better LSA performance, higher-quality leads, and countless loyal customers.

Your Local, Virtual LSA Experts

At Annie Admin, we’re proud to be your friendly neighborhood virtual assistants. This means you can expect assistance with Google LSAs anytime, anywhere, but with the specialized local knowledge that’s necessary for growing your home service business. Whether you’d like to chat about increasing your conversions or improving your customer calling experience, we have state-of-the-art solutions that can take the hassle out of your administrative tasks.

After all, who would your clients rather encounter on the phone: a customer service agent in a different country who knows nothing about your business? Or a personal virtual assistant who has helped you build your business every step of the way, and knows exactly what to say to draw in more leads? Our “Annies” are experts when it comes to HVAC businesses, painting companies, and even garage door repair services, which is why so many home service professionals already trust us to answer their phones. The result is easier day-to-day work for you, and a brighter future for your business.

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Call Us Today So Your Leads Will Call Tomorrow

Virtual assistants. Local knowledge. Real Results. That’s the Annie Admin promise, and we always stand by our word. If you’re wondering how to improve your Google LSA performance and deliver a better experience for your potential customers, choosing Annie Admin to respond to your calls is the clear path to success. Take our quiz to receive a personalized plan for your home service business, or contact us with any questions!

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