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Get Reliable Administrative Support for All Your Project Needs

As a general contractor, you wear a lot of hats. Annie Admin was created so that administrative support doesn’t have to be one of them. Our virtual assistants are well-versed in the detail-oriented, deadline-driven world of general contracting, so you can count on us to make an immediate impact for your business. Whether you need assistance coordinating with vendors, scheduling subcontractors, generating invoices, handling your phone lines and email correspondence, or any other important administrative duties, our “Annies” are fit to the task. Read on to learn more about our services, and get in touch with us today to speak with a member of our team.

Our Virtual Receptionists Can Help General Contractors With:

  • Handling multiple phone lines and email channels
  • Making warm first impressions and directing calls
  • Scheduling estimates, meetings, and service appointments
  • Coordinating with subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers
  • Generating work orders
  • Organizing your calendar
  • Managing your CRM
  • Billing, invoicing, payments, and collections
  • Inventory management
  • Contact us! If it’s an easily teachable, administrative task, we can help you with it

Don’t Waste Time Training – We Know How To Support General Contractors

The last thing you need is to take on another project, like spending weeks training someone how to use your software and platforms.

At Annie Admin, we know that our customers come to us to get the premier administrative support they need, when they need it. That’s why we ensure that our virtual assistants are familiar with many of the programs and software used by general contractors, including:

  • Housecall Pro
  • Service Titan
  • Gorilla Desk
  • Jobber
  • Field Edge
  • And More!
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Virtual, but Local

At Annie Admin, we took virtual receptionist services, and we changed everything we didn’t like about them. One of the most common complaints from business owners has always been the outsourcing of workers to call centers and temp agencies around the country, and indeed, the world.

When it comes to general contracting, geographical misunderstandings, language barriers, and time zone differences can threaten the integrity of your projects, and soil your reputation within the community. That’s why all of our virtual assistants live right here in the US, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

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Our Virtual Assistants Can Help Keep Your Projects in Motion

As a general contractor, you are expected to be everywhere at once. Site visits, meetings with vendors and contractors, and negotiating contracts are just a few of the things you may have to do in one day — especially if you are working on more than one project.

Our virtual assistants can put valuable time back into your day, so you can handle all of the critical, high-level tasks that demand your attention. When you work with Annie Admin, you get an administrative support superhero who shows up every day, agile, adaptable, and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Take a look at our services, and contact us today!

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Our Services can Save You Money

Whether your business is in full swing, or you are still growing a strong customer base, you need consistent administrative support to maximize efficiency and deliver quality results for your clients. However, you will have to pay a hefty salary to hire an exceptional assistant, and that number will only go up if you want to keep them on board.

Choosing the virtual assistant services from Annie Admin can save you money. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us, or contact us today to learn more about our pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!