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Our Guide to Service Titan

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Annie Admin is a virtual assistant company that excels at offering administrative support for local small businesses. We offer support for many industries, including roofing, HVAC, plumbing, garage door, window cleaning, and many more. We are experts in many home service software platforms that we can use to help our clients manage their small business’s administrative needs, including Service Titan. Learn a bit more about Service Titan’s capabilities, and contact us to get started today!

Get a Pulse on Your Profitability

One of the most important things businesses need to know is where they stand with regards to profitability. This can be hard to track, especially if your business offers multiple services. Service Titan Home Service software offers great tools to help you understand your profitability numbers. Their reporting feature allows you to track revenue, receipts, refunds, team performance, and more. All of this is available in real-time and can offer you a snapshot of how your business is doing without having to wait on an official quarterly or monthly accounting report.

An Investment for Everything About Your Business

From employees and customers to billing, accounting, and payroll, there are so many services that small businesses have to think about and manage. A home service software tool, such as Service Titan Home Service software, helps you bring together every facet of your business into one convenient place. No longer will you have to have dozens of tabs open and switch back and forth between platforms. Service Titan’s comprehensive home service software tool offers all the tools you need in one place.


Inventory Tracking (Building Into An Estimate)

As a small business with inventory, such as eCommerce, restaurants, or retail stores, you need an accurate way to track your inventory, as your whole business may suffer if you are missing a crucial ingredient or component. Service Titan Home Services software specializes in inventory tracking and managing services. Their easy-to-use platform allows you and our virtual assistant an easy way to order more inventory, ship inventory, and receive inventory. Ask an Annie Admin virtual assistant for details.


Worth the Investment Once It’s All Set Up

Many small businesses like the idea of home service software that allows them to optimize their business’s calls and processes and manage their customers better. However, the idea of setting up and managing one of these home service software programs is overwhelming. This is where Annie Admin comes into play. Our experts can help you run and manage your business’s home service software, such as Service Titan Home Service software, in order to help you maximize your bottom line. Call us to get started today.


AMAZING Call Tracking Tools

It’s important to know where your calls are originating from. With Service Titan’s call tracking software, you’ll be able to see which ad, campaign, or search term was the trigger for them to find your business. With custom menus and ample notes, your team and administrative assistants, such as Annie Admin, will be able to prioritize leads and get the information you need from them easier.


Lead Tracking and Close Rates

As a small business, your leads are the lifeblood of business, along with your recurring customers. It’s super important that all leads are managed to their fullest. Service Titan makes lead tracking easy. It also will calculate your close rates and give you an indication of where the process may have fallen apart, so you can implement changes accordingly.



KPI Tracking

Even if you’re not a numbers person, knowing your KPIs (key performance indicators) allows you to effectively understand if you are meeting your business objectives. Service Titan offers robust reporting tools, so you can have a full grasp on your business’s performance. With easy-to-read charts, you’ll be able to tell at a glance how your business is doing. Ask Annie Admin’s virtual assistants for more information today.


Team Member Tracking for Calls

It’s important as a busy customer service business to track incoming calls in order to be able to keep track of your customers. With Service Titan’s call tracking, monitoring, and management system, you’ll be able to greet customers by name when they call in and see the information of previous customers. Their system ensures you collect all of the right information with required fields to fill out, making it super easy to keep track of your customers.


CSR (Customer Service Rep) Performance Tracking

Your customer service representatives are the face of your company, so you need to make sure they are doing their jobs to your expectations in order to help ensure the success of your small business. Service Titan offers exceptional customer service representative (CSR) performance tracking tools that can help you discover training opportunities for your staff. From tracking unresolved cases and/or complaints to looking at the total number of inquiries or call volume, their CSR tools have got your needs covered.


Track All Outstanding Jobs/Estimate/Quotes

It can be extremely difficult to track your outstanding jobs, estimates, and quotes for your small business. With dozens of calls and inquiries a day, you need an effective job tracking system, so customers don’t fall through the cracks. Service Titan’s call tracking makes booking jobs and offering estimates and quotes easy. This includes a comprehensive reminder and follow up system.


Puts Jobs on Hold to Be Revisited

Sometimes you may have to put leads or jobs on hold for a later date. Oftentimes, however, these leads and/or jobs are easily forgotten, which can translate to money lost for your business. Service Titan is a top-rated home service software system that ensures your calls and/or leads don’t get lost. Not only are these leads customers who need your service, but it’s also current and future business that you rely on to build your company. Annie Admin’s virtual assistants are experts at ensuring all of your calls receive the same care and attention. Let us help you grow your business. Call today.

Our Virtual Office Management Service Plans and Pricing

Annie Admin offers a range of small business service plans and pricing, so we can meet your business’s needs. Starting as low as $299/month, your business can get talk time, as well as other small business administrative services, including help with Service Titan. We are here to make sure nothing is left on the table, so if you are in need of a custom plan, just let us know. Schedule a free consultation today!


Benefits of a Virtual Administrative Assistant

  • Can help with bookkeeping. Admittedly, this is a big job for a small business because your books have to be right in order to ensure proper accounting and for auditing purposes.
  • Helps with administrative assistant duties. Having someone answer phones, schedule meetings, and handle other communication needs can be a breath of fresh air for a small business.
  • Can be your social media manager. Businesses need to have great websites and social media presences in order to engage with their customers and help with obtaining new customers.
  • Saves you time on operating expenses. Many small businesses cannot afford to add a full-time employee to their payroll. By outsourcing administrative assistant duties, they can have the benefits of an administrator without the high costs.
  • Improves your work efficiency. Having someone solely dedicated to the administrative side of things offers you the freedom to focus on what you do best — grow your business.
  • Helps with sales. Having someone who can help you sell your business through outreach or even just through advising customers on the phone can be a boon to a small business.
  • Take the dread out of going to work each day. Many small business owners love what they do; however they don’t love the administrative part of their job. In fact, it can be deflating and even take the drive and ambition out of the small business owner.


Annie Admin is passionate about partnering with your business in order to help you with virtual administrative tasks. From call answering and email management to scheduling and dispatching, our team can do it all. We are experts in your business management software of choice, such as Service Titan Home Service software, where we can leverage their tools to help your business grow and succeed. Our team of dedicated service professionals can handle any administrative challenge, from inbound calls with not-so-happy customers to data entry and payment processing. We offer custom solutions to meet your business’s needs, so just ask us for a free quote on our capabilities.

Our small business customers matter. As a small business ourselves, we are in a unique position to understand the challenges your business faces and then offer affordable solutions that will help. We want to help you with work/life balance. You can trust our team to be consummate professionals, ensuring the human touch that will win customers over.

If you are ready to get started, reach out for a free quote from Annie Admin today!

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