As the owner of a growing business, you are going to face your fair share of administrative challenges as you scale your operations. There comes a time when every business owner — even if it’s just for a second — considers employing a call center for scheduling, dispatching, or customer support. And while every penny you can save counts, you can’t afford to trust a call center during such a critical stage for your business. You need a better, more cost-effective administrative solution that’s tailored to your needs. That’s where Annie Admin comes in. 

Keep reading to learn more about our virtual assistants for home service businesses, and contact us today to find a solution for your most pressing administrative needs!

Specialized Virtual Assistants

As a home service provider, you need everyone from your technicians to your back office team to speak the language of your industry. When you hire a call center, you never know what kind of talent you are going to get — but that’s not the case with Annie Admin! 

Our virtual assistants specialize in working with home service providers and can add value to your team on day one. 

Local Professionals

At Annie Admin, our goal is to give your customers the local feel, though we are virtual. The last thing you want is to lose a customer — and potentially spoil your business’s reputation — by employing call center employees who don’t know the first thing about your local region. 

We take extra time to learn your area and make sure we are clear on your local vicinity. We like to call it, virtual, yet local!

Quick Deployment 

It takes time for call center workers to familiarize themselves with your business, learn how to use your tools and systems, and develop a firm understanding of your workflows. The virtual assistants at Annie Admin are familiar with Jobber, ServiceTitan®, HousecallPro, and many of the other technologies home service providers rely on every day.

Tailored Solutions

What if you need someone who can do more than just answer phones for your business? Our virtual administrative assistants can handle everything from scheduling and dispatching to billing, invoicing, and collections, CRM management, data entry, social media management, and so much more. 

Don’t let your business become another call center horror story. Contact Annie Admin to learn more about how our virtual assistants can serve your needs and get a free quote today! 

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